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Poll results

Poll: As a healthcare professional, have you received a COVID-19 vaccination in your state?

Total Responses: 4487. Yes-47%, No-53%

Poll: Do you think the majority of your patients would be willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?

Total Responses: 2049. Yes-53%, No-47%

Poll: Do you feel the manufacturer priced remdesivir fairly?

Poll: Promotion of Drugs

Do you feel the Administration should be able to promote drugs, like hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, for COVID-19 before the FDA has a chance to investigate?

Participants that responded NO: A common theme was that unproven therapies could have potentially dangerous consequences when safety and efficacy has not been studied for this diagnosis. Similarly, some expressed that risk versus benefit was not being taken into account. Colleagues indicated that treatment should be evidence-based, not politics-based and more studies are needed. Others had concerns about that potential of panic being created by such information. Pharmacy colleagues wrote in about growing drug shortage for patients that may need medications for FDA-approved conditions.

Participants that responded YES: Some wrote in indicating that the benefit may outweigh the risk and in an emergency pandemic, it may be warranted to save lives with products that have been on the market for many years. Others indicated that some of the smaller-scaled physician-based studies in larger cities with empirical evidence might be helpful in this crisis while other pharmacy colleagues expressed concern that even if they believed certain medications could assist in treatment; letters were distributed to them from state governors forbidding them to dispense some of these drugs.

Poll: Personal Safety at Work

How concerned are you about your personal safety at work during this pandemic?

Here are some of your concerns:

Hospital Pharmacy: Many wrote in to indicate there was a limited supply of PPE. Some indicated N95 masks were given to go up to the floors and they have been asked to reuse them. While in the pharmacy, a common theme was that surgical masks are being used along with hand sanitizers, hand washing and distancing from colleagues.

Community Pharmacy: Most are wearing masks, putting up plastic barriers and more frequent hand washing or frequent use of hand sanitizer. Curbside prescription pick up has been put in place at some pharmacies. Concerns that many patients are coming in for medical checks such as blood pressure checks because medical offices are closed and this is putting their staff at risk was a common comment. Some expressed frustration of being faced with mixed messages from their offices such as first indicating they would be punished if they wore PPE and then changing that they could be terminated if they didn’t adhere to wearing masks.

Other Pharmacy Based Settings: Working from home has been put in place.

Overall: Your pharmacy colleagues are concerned about bringing it home to family members amongst the fact that there is not enough known about the transmission of the virus.

Poll: Drug shortages

Are you seeing drug shortages in your practice setting?

Here's what your colleagues are saying:

Colleagues that are experiencing drug shortages wrote in indicating that they are seeking out different wholesalers, vendors and manufacturers. Others are reviewing alternative therapeutic options with the physicians they are in collaboration with. Limiting prescriptions to a 30-day supply and sharing medications between facilities was also a common theme.

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