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Our online CE courses are offered to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to assist them in meeting the CE requirements of relicensure and/or certification. To participate in our online courses, simply read the course you are interested in and submit your answers to the exam. You will receive instantaneous grading of your exam. Upon successful completion of an exam (a score of 70% or higher), a statement of participation will appear on screen for you to print. You are permitted two attempts to successfully complete each course.

As a participant of PowerPak, you will be able to access a history of the exams you participate in through our publications. Log in to the site as directed on the home page and simply click on Exam History to view your record.

Home Page and Architecture

This site features the following options on its menu bars:

  • My Profile - allows you to view/update the personal information we have for you in our database
  • Exam Directions - explains how to participate in our online CE courses
  • Courses & Answer Sheets - displays all the lessons availabe
  • FAQ - read the answers to some frequently asked questions
  • View Exam History - access your online exam history

To access an item, place your cursor over the item and click. Follow the directions given for each item.


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