Exam Directions

You can access the available courses several ways. The courses debuting each month will be located on the home page. You may also see a complete list of courses available by selecting Courses & Answer Sheets from the left menu bar. Or, you may view a list of courses specific to your profession by using the dropdown menu for ‘Select a Profession’, located at the top of the homepage. Select the course you are interested in by clicking on its title. A preamble page will appear including the issue date, expiration date, learning objectives, and sponsorship/accreditation information, and disclosures.

To view the course, click on View Content. You can either print the course to read it on paper or read it directly from your screen. You may view a printer friendly version of the self-assessment examination by selecting View Exam. When you are ready to submit your answers to the exam, click on Take Exam at the bottom of the course. If you have not already logged into the site, you will be asked for your username and password.

If payment is required for a course, a secure payment page will appear for your completion. You must use one of these methods of payment to participate in our online CE programs. Once payment is received, the exam will appear.

To answer the questions, click on your selected choice for each answer than proceed to the next question. We recommend that you print a copy of your answers before you submit them to us. Once completed, click on Grade Exam at the bottom of the page. Your exam will automatically be graded.

If you successfully complete the exam (score of 70% or higher), your statement of participation will be displayed immediately, which will include instructions on obtaining your credit through ACPE/NABP’s CPE Monitor. If you receive a score of 69% or less, you will receive a message notifying you that you did not pass the exam. You may retake the exam once. If you do not pass the exam on the second attempt, you may not participate in the exam again.

Your CE credits will also be submitted electronically to the NABP. Pharmacists or pharmacy technicians with questions regarding their NABP e-Profile or CPE Monitor should refer to the FAQ section on the NABP website (https://nabp.pharmacy/cpe-monitor-service/) or contact NABP Customer Service: [email protected] or telephone 1-847-391-4406.

NABP e-PROFILE ID NUMBER: To receive credit for your participation, all pharmacists must include their NABP e-Profile ID number, along with their date and month of birth.

My Profile

You may view and change the personal information we have for you by clicking on My Profile on the left menu bar, of the homepage. The information we have for you in our system will appear. Please make the appropriate changes to your profile. Your record will be updated immediately.

The only fields you are not able to alter are username, last name and social security number. If you need to update this information, please contact Customer Service.