*Please note that the Opioid Analgesic Therapy Certificate Program for Pharmacists is no longer available. You will still have access to the individual courses, but you must complete all courses by May 29, 2022 to receive your Certificate.

Building Pharmacist Skills in Opioid Analgesic Therapy

The PowerPak Opioid Analgesic Therapy Certificate Program for Pharmacists


Pain continues to be an important issue in American healthcare. Estimates in 2016 reported that 20.4% of adults had chronic pain, and 8.0% had high-impact chronic pain, which can limit life or work activities. Opioid analgesics are effective and commonly used for pain; however, use of these agents is complicated. Opioid abuse in the United States is a public health issue of epidemic proportion. How do healthcare providers limit access to prescription opioids while adequately providing pain control for chronic pain?

Pharmacists’ involvement in pain management can lead to better care and safer pain management. In 2019, Power-Pak conducted an extensive survey of its pharmacist learners to better understand the educational needs, knowledge and practice gaps relevant to pain management and opioid analgesics. Those survey responses, combined with the requirements of the FDA Blueprint, informed the development of this comprehensive, two-year, nine-module certificate activity.

By completing this activity, pharmacists can play a more significant role in helping patients with pain find appropriate treatment while making efforts to curb the abuse and misuse of opioid analgesics.


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This program contains 9 courses