Power-Pak C.E.® Compounding Library for Pharmacists

Purchase access to all 4 CE courses (total of 8.5 credit hours) listed below for the one-time fee of $25.95. Access expires on December 31, 2020.

About the Compounding Library for Pharmacists

Power-Pak C.E.® has selected its best compounding continuing education courses to offer pharmacists a unique library to meet their 2019-2020 CE compounding requirements.

In this compounding library, pharmacists review the latest on sterile and non-sterile compounding. Pharmacists will also acquire knowledge of compounding of hazardous drugs along with compounding for various patient populations.

Compounding Library for Pharmacists

This program contains 4 courses:

USP General Chapter <800>: A Pharmacy Professional’s Guide to Handling and Compounding Hazardous Drugs

Topic(s): Compounding

To present information on the practice issues, standards, and regulatory framework related to the handling of and compounding hazardous drugs.

ACPE / Pharm / 2.00
Web Publication: 8/11/2020
Expiration: 8/31/2023


USP General Chapter <797> 2019 Update: A Guide to Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Personnel

Topic(s): Compounding

To present requirements for establishing and maintaining policies, facilities, and personnel needed for production of sterile compounded preparations in accordance with laws, regulations, and standards in the United States.

ACPE / Pharm / 2.00
ACPE / Other / 2.00
Web Publication: 10/17/2019
Expiration: 10/17/2022


Selecting and Compounding Medications for Ophthalmic Use

Topic(s): Compounding

To review the components and delivery systems of sterile compounded ophthalmic medications and how to properly prepare them according to United States Pharmacopeia standards.

ACPE / Pharm / 2.00
ACPE / Other / 2.00
Web Publication: 7/8/2019
Expiration: 7/8/2022


Module 10: A Review of Nonsterile Compounding Essentials for Veterinary Patients

Topic(s): Veterinary Medicine , Veterinary Pharmacy , Compounding

To provide pharmacists with knowledge and skills to facilitate preparation of high quality and legally compliant simple, moderate, and complex nonsterile compounded preparations for veterinary patients.

ACPE / Pharm / 2.50
ACPE / Other / 2.50
Web Publication: 6/21/2019
Expiration: 6/21/2022


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